A Divorce Lawyer And Counselor?

According to extensive research, there are a lot of reasons why married couples will look into getting a divorce. Some reasons why people consider divorce is because people get married for love and do not consider factors like religious beliefs and even the level of education among others, which are said to play a majorDivorce part in divorce. Statistics indicates that 50 percent, especially in the first marriages, do not go far and end in divorce. The worrying part of the figure is the in 30-years time they have remained the same.

With such worrying statistics, counseling becomes key to keeping a marriage together. A lot of couples are now looking for divorce lawyers who also work as marriage counselors because these intelligent professionals understand both sides of divorce and how hard each can be. My favorite local divorce lawyer who provides counseling services is Thomas K. Mallon. You can find information about him and his legal practice at http://mallon-jurisprudence.com/.

Some of the reasons that should call for couples visiting counselors include:

1. When a couple has failed to resolve their problems.
Like in any other disputes, it would be fatal for discordant couples not to seek the advice from a third party if they have disagreements. In many occasions, seeking a nonpartisan person is key especially when people are fighting. This is the same situation that can be applied to marriages. The importance of seeking counselors’ services cannot be underestimated. The main purpose behind this is because the two warring people would not agree on issues at hand since each would be pulling towards his or her side. This kind of behaviors would not enable the couple to come to a common ground. And in such a situation the services of a counselor becomes a necessary evil.

2. When couples love, wane and are only bound by other things.
In such a case, one would say that the relationship is almost dead. Without even delving into the reasons that lead to such a situation, it would be dangerous to stay in the same house with someone you call a husband or a wife who in real sense does not love you. However, there are many couples who normally tolerate even an abusive marriage for the sake of children. This is an option, but the question of how long one can do it still begs.

divorce-1To save such marriage, however, whatever the difference that has lead to this, should be addressed with the help of a counselor. The move should not only save the marriage and revert it to be united one but at the same time come in handy to avert evil intentions that could even lead to the killing of the spouse. When marriages ties are only held by material things or even the presence of children, then they are not expected to go far since the main reason for people going into marriage is usually love while the other things come later.

3. If there is noted elements of external affair.
In this case, if you feel there is no way of getting past it, you must seek a divorce attorney.  It is still beneficial to seek counseling for your own well-being. External affairs are the main causes of divorce in a many marriages. However, every time such affairs are discovered by the other person in a relationship, the offended person normally becomes upset to a level that they cannot reason with the partner. However, in such a situation the services of a counselor are important if the marriage is to survive. Without the counselors’ advice the couple might quickly separate without giving dialogue a chance.