Things That Make Women Smile

Every man knows that the way to keep a happy home, is to keep the lady of the house happy.  There are a number of things you can do to help a women feel more special, and we wanted to share some ideas, tips, and tricks to keep the women in your life just a little bit happier.  Obviously, each women is a bit different, so use these tips with a bit of caution.

1.  Buy Your Women Flowers

Women feel special when they receive flowers, and they feel even more special when those flowers arrive for no reason at all. Having flowers delivered for Mother’s Day or a birthday may be sweet, but send your women flowers on a random Tuesday for no particular reason, and see how she responds.  Don’t do it after you have done something wrong, just do it because.  This will make the special women in your life feel more appreciated and special.

2.  Make Her Love Her Appearance Againhappy women in your life

It is a sad fact of life that as we age, we tend to lose a bit of the good looks we had in our younger years.  We may notice that we are starting to wrinkle a bit more, or that our breasts are sagging a little lower than we expected.  You can always make your women feel a bit more special by giving her a special treatment such as a facial, a manicure, pedicure, a full day at the spa, or maybe a bit more extreme with full breast augmentation surgery. Don’t start out the conversation by telling her that her boobs are hanging a little too low, and that you have been comparing saline breast implants and silicon breast implants and she needs them.  Just find out if there is anything in her life that she may want to have touched up, and if possible, help her accomplish this goal.  Plastic surgery may not be the answer for your particular women, but if she does decide to increase her breast size, you both win.

3.  Get Her Moving and Dancing

For many women, the day to day routine of taking care of the kids, handling the job, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. can all become boring and depressing.  Many women begin to eliminate exercise from their routine as they age, and fail to take advantage of what exercise can do for you.   Buying that special women a gym membership may be a bit too tough to pull off, but signing up for a dance class, or salsa lessons, palates, or spinning may be the break that your lady may need, and enough to shake the winter blues.  Exercise has proven to release endorphins in the body, and they naturally lift your mood and spirits.  Get creative and find something enjoyable you woman would find fun and exciting.  Neither of you will be disappointed.

Gorgeous women and puppy

4.  Communicate With Her

Ever since the release of Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus, everyone seems to have figured out that men and women look at each situation very differently.  The easiest way to ensure that both you and your lady are on the same page is to communicate and discuss the outcome you are looking for.  Creating a situation where you are both comfortable expressing your opinion is going to allow you to achieve the best results in your relationship.