Tips For A Better Golf Swing

Playing golf is something that can be tough to master. The key to having a good golf game comes in the swing. It is imperative that you develop good swinging habits right when you start learning about the sport. Otherwise, bad habits will likely win out and ruin your entire game. In this article, we will be going over some of the top tips for a better golf swing.


Top Tips For A Better Golf Swing:


1. Keep Your Hands Low.

By limiting the overall height of your follow through, you are going to be able to successfully reduce the actual height of your shots. The lower that you keep your hands, the lower your ball will fly. By moving the ball back from your stance or perhaps choosing a stronger club, you will be able to accomplish the exact same thing. However, these enter in variables that you cannot control and are best avoided. Instead of utilizing these methods, simply keep your hands as low as you can and finish at the right height. This will lower the overall trajectory of your shots and allow you to hit further.

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2. Use Your Body For Power.

A lot of golfers make the mistake of only using their arms when they are swinging. Whereas, a good golfer knows that the key to their swing and their power is going to come from their legs and their core. To learn to be able to power the club with your body instead of just your arms, you are going to want to put the club behind the ball with your body in a dead stop position. Once you do this, without taking a back swing, try to drag your body through the ball to lift the ball into the air.  If you’re the kind of player that uses your hands and arms to hit, you are very likely going to struggle when you are beginning to utilize this technique. However, you will be able to gain quickly confidence and learn how to move your body to power drive through the ball. This will begin to allow you to hit the ball into the air with much more consistency and eventually you will train your body to do it on command with muscle memory.

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3. Pay Attention To Your Elbow.

Another thing that you are going to want to do when you are trying to learn how to be a better golfer is to pay attention to your elbow. Your elbow is likely to dictate where your ball goes after you hit it. The position of your elbow is paramount. The studies show that pushing your elbow out when you are swinging promotes more ball flight whereas tucking your elbow in promotes a draw. Therefore, if you are struggling with your swing and you are consistently hitting slices, you might want to experiment with your elbow positions to see what works the best for your swing.