Which flowers should you get for your outdoor wedding?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, and for that day, everything has to be perfectly planned. The outdoor wedding venue, wedding dress, music, foods, beverages, everything is equally significant, and of course the wedding bouquet. When you start to think about wedding bouquet and how you are going to order flowers online for delivery, you can get lost very soon with all those flowers available. Here is a little guide that can help you to choose most beautiful wedding bouquet ever, it is a list of most popular flowers for wedding bouquets.

  1. The Rose – This is probably the most popular flower all around the world, and of course the most popular one for your wedding bouquet. In many stories, movies, poems this beautiful flower was used as a metaphor for true love, passion, emotions, and beauty. The great thing about roses is the fact that this flower can be found in so many different colors such as red, white, yellow, etc. A lot of brides will order a white rose bouquet for their bridal bouquet, and then they will get different colors for other bouquets and table decorations. Always remember, with roses, you can’t go wrong.
  2. flowersHydrangeas – This wonderful flower is always a good idea for a wedding bouquet, because it will give the bouquet nice and gentle look. It can be found in many different colors such as blue, pink, green and burgundy.
  3. Lily of the Valley – if you are a spring bride, then Lily of the Valley is something you must have in your wedding bouquet. This tiny little flower has a nice scent and simply said it is unmistakable. Lily of the Valley most popular color is white, but this beautiful flower can be found in a rosy-pink color too.
  4. The Tulip – whenever you think of tulips, you will probably think of Netherlands too, but the truth is this flower is originally from Persia. This flower is one of the most popular flower for wedding bouquets and wedding decoration, and it means “happy years” and “consuming love” which is why is very appropriate wedding flower. It is available in several different colors such as cream, white, peach, yellow, pink, etc.
  5. The Peony – This flower is seasonally available during springtime and the summer. If you are a fall bride; do not worry because this flower can be imported when needed. Wedding bouquet made of peonies will look simply amazing and besides bouquets it is also used for wedding arrangements.
  6. Calla Lily – This flower originated in Africa, and it is very elegant, symbolizing “magnificent beauty”. You can see this flower in many magazines as a significant part of house decoration as well as online for flower delivery Los Angeles and other areas. It will suite perfectly to any wedding bouquet.
  7. Stephanotis – Choosing to carry bouquet of stephanotis is a classic and traditional choice; it is a choice that will always look so nice and beautiful. This flower is available through the whole year.
  8. Sweet Peas – If you love old fashion bouquets this one will literally blow your mind. It is considered as one of the best and most favorite choices for the bride, and for the bridesmaids too.